Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just My Size & Sonsi Pop Up Event

The 3rd day of FFFWEEK was a JAM packed day. It started with a brunch in the morning held by Just My Size. We had a chance to view their newest collection of affordable comfortable Lingerie & Clothing. Jump below for pictures and what was happening at the Sonsi Be-YOU-tiful Pop Up  Party for the Bloggers.
 Thank you Danimezz for the photo!


The Sonsi Pop Up party was a blast. We had a chance to relax and get pampered. Many of my favorite retailers were also there showing their latest styles. I also won a free outfit from Catherines. I can’t wait till I receive it, I’ll be sure to do an outfit post! I had the opportunity to view some amazing sequined dresses from Sydney Closet and jewelry from Palm Beach. I wore my favorite new blazer and jeans from Forever 21. My under shirt is actually a long line bra from Lanebryant which I ADORE and my shirt is from my collection Zelie for She.


  1. ciao bella! it was lovely meeting you at fffweek in NYC!! there will be a pic of you on my post, so please make sure you follow my blog!
    I like yours actually, nice pictures and great style babe!!!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

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    1. Thank You !!!It will be available soon at